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Mainstreaming Human Security: Asian Perspectives


The ambition of the book is to envisage a human security framework interpreted and situated in the Asian context. Rather than focus on the concept of human security for a theoretical debate, this book has a different agenda. It examines how the concept, as defined by the UN Commissioners, has been intergrated in to existing structures of governance in the Asian region in an attempt to capture the progress of a decade of implementation. The diversity in the region in terms of culture, democratic politics, and economic growth within an emerging regional market, provides a fertile ground for exploring experimentations with the human security frameworks.

 1.Transcending Traditional Security

  • Human Security in Southeast Asia: Changing Security Norms and Mechanisms in ASEAN?
  • From State to Human Security: Implications for Security Sector Reform in the Philippines
  • Multiple Vulnerability in an Agrarian Setting: An Indian Perspective of Human Security

2.Rediscovering Human (In)Securities

  • Food Security in India: An Examination of Availability and Safety Dimension
  • Human Security and the Case of Farmers’Sucides in India: An Exploration
  • Is Human Security in Sri Lanka Declining? A Case Study of Human Security in Tsunami and War-Affected Areas in Sri Lanka

3.Human Security in Practices

  • Towards Governance Reform: A Critical Review of Foreign Assistance to Burma
  • Shaping Human Security in ASEAN: Transnational NGOs’Contributions
  • Mainstreaming Human Security Education and Research: Lessons from the Networking Activities in Japan

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