What does CGN do?

Chula Global Network will support activities in the following thematic areas:

     Peace and Conflict Transformation

         Study application and implementation of cooperative approaches to address conflicts and peace-building within countries and regions, with policy and implementation actors in the public and corporate, local and community agencies.

     Regional Integration

          Study the policy framework concerning regional integration in the economic, political, social and cultural spheres in an objective way at all levels of relationships.

     Human Security

           Study the lack of security in human life in various dimensions and levels, including social, health, food, economic and safety, and to search for new paradigms of development on the basis of peace.

     Inequality and Governance

            Study problems of inequalities and lack of governance in the context of globalization, search for new benchmarks and ethical standards in society, development of governance systems in the world.

     Identity, Diversity and Cultural Change

              Study diversity and awareness of cultural identities, positive and negative implications of diversity, develop policy framework for supporting, conserving and monitoring cultural change to promote peace at all levels.

Type of activity

1. Seminar                                             4. Public Lecture
2. International Conference                  5. Publication
3. Networking                                           6. Others