What are the objective of CGN?

                To mobilize the resources of Chulalongkorn University in order to achieve a global status, recognized internationally in terms of standards and quality of its academic performance, as the location for the creation, collection and dissemination of knowledge in area studies and analysis of problems from local to global levels, as well as to produce graduates in area studies of high quality, and to act as the “Thai-Asian-World Educational Gateway” with following goals:

Creation and collection of knowledge

                  Generate area specific knowledge in an integrated manner (multi-disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, and between theory and practice), create in-depth knowledge in areas known to the Thai public, and pioneer knowledge acquisition in areas un-familiar to Thailand.

Creation of personnel

                    Production of qualified personnel with specific knowledge and internationally recognized.

Academic service to society

                    Dissemination of relevant knowledge to defined target groups, at both the policy (namely law-make officials in various ministries) and practical levels, including the business community and the general public.

The strategies to achieve these goals are the following:

dfbd8d8e9dabf69fb0975ccf16cf8ca5.png Integration of existing curricular within the university to support the above-mentioned objectives.

dfbd8d8e9dabf69fb0975ccf16cf8ca5.png Supporting research in the field of area studies and specific topics

dfbd8d8e9dabf69fb0975ccf16cf8ca5.png Supporting the publication and dissemination of relevant work in the form of journals, books and electronic media.

dfbd8d8e9dabf69fb0975ccf16cf8ca5.png Organize lectures, seminars and discussion for on relevant issues.

dfbd8d8e9dabf69fb0975ccf16cf8ca5.png  Establish networks with the public and private sectors, both inside Thailand and in other countries with the same missions.